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                                                                                            (Listed on Forbes.Com top summer homes for 2004 !)


Vacation Rental and Beach House at 22680 E. Cliff Drive, Santa Cruz, California, 95062. Ocean Front Vacation Rental, beach condol Houses, Santa Cruz, CA,  Capitola

Oceanfront Vacation Rental on Santa Cruz Beach

Santa Cruz Wharf & Harbor View when looking to the right (southwest)This modern 2500 square foot Santa Cruz townhome has a breathtaking ocean view. Sitting on the 26th Avenue Beach, this vacation rental is located between the Capitola and Santa Cruz piers just west of Pleasure Point. The stage is set for your picturesque vacation by the dramatic ocean view from the "Ship's Bridge" room. This second floor room, overlooking the point, creates a sense of being on the ocean at the helm of a ship. The closeness to the ocean, combined with 41 feet of almost continuous glass, provides a powerful, restful feeling for your vacation.

View of Santa Cruz (Lighthouse Point & Wharf) from Balcony

Santa Cruz Vacation Rental Home overlooking the Monterey Bay

AwesomeView is situated on a point which sets this Santa Cruz vacation home farther out towards the ocean than any of the multi-million dollar homes on either side, so you have a complete 180 degree panoramic view of the ocean. Whether during the day when the sun reflects off the water or in the evening when the moon's reflection is captured in the silver lining curl of the waves, the view is breathtaking and will command your attention often during your stay. (Click here for another view of this Santa Cruz vacation home--including aerial view.)


Monterey Bay to the southeast. View is of Monterey and Pleasure Point.In this Santa Cruz vacation rental home, every room, except the bathrooms, has an ocean view. Even when cooking or washing the dishes, you can enjoy the ocean's entertainment from the peacefulness of the breaking waves to the plethora of wildlife such as sea otters, porpoises and depending upon the season, a variety of birds. During the summer, don't miss the Wednesday night sailboat races, where all the boats cruise by flying their spinnakers. (Click on this picture for other ocean views.)

View of Monterey from Balcony.





SKI Vacation @ Kirkwood visit our on-slope condo for rent and another awesome view!

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