Mountain View Project

I've opened the subfloor to expose the beams and sheetrock below over the garage. What I found was no beam under the wall on the right which also support the ceiling structure. Since I'm going to marble, even for the ceiling, I was concerned that I needed more support. My plan was to strengthen two areas and you'll see in the following pictures what I did.

Also, the electrical wire on the right is the main power line to the house so I could not cut it.

The is a view from underneath the subfloor looking towards the back of the shower. I now found how the orginal shower was plumbed. Had I gone here first, I would have run the pipes differently for the secondary shower.

Here is the first beam. The other side goes under the angled wall and sits on the main support beam running across the entire house. It is the main beam in the garage.

I screwed into the beam underneath the subfloor (below the closet on the other side of the shower wall, these metal beam supports. I used shims to ensure that the beam was up against the subfloor rather than sitting on the sheet rock. There was not a lot of room to do this, and as you'll see, I did these first before putting the long beam to which these will attach.

You can see that I created a way to recess the main power line and the space on the left is for the new 2X8 that will provide additional strength to the existing 2X8 when it is bolted together.

This is the completed project showing the double 2X8's now connected with metal brackets to the three side beam that support the wall.