Santa Cruz Remodel Projects

You  may have to scroll down because the text may wrap in a way to move the pictures down.

Here is the new copper downspout. You can see the difference between the aging of the railing (2+ weeks) to the new copper.

Here you can see the completed project. The drain pipe has been up for two days and you can already see the brightness has gone.

I sanded all the redwood (columns and just underneath the deck, then whitened with a brightner as we did your deck, then stained).

Finally, I finished the electrical box in redwood with a plexiglass window. Everything is sealed well.

Cracked shower - fiberglass project

Here you can see the small crack in the shower floor. While it looks minor, water would leak to the subfloor so it had to be repaired. What follows is part of the process. I forgot to take a picture of the sanded surface, though you'll see it through the fiberglass. I also did not take a picture of the fiberglass fabric. I must say that I was nervous doing the initial process since once you mix the material, you have limited time before it hardens. Second, I was wearing eye protection and a major mask for breathing.

Here is the first layer. This is the fiberglass fabric coated with the resin. I used a small roller to apply the resin, then pressed hard with an aluminum roller to make it very flat. The variable color under the fiberglass is due to my sanding with a very course grind and exposing the original olive color. In the next photo, you can see the coarse sanding as well as the way I tapered for the drain.

This is the first gel coat layer. I made the mistake of not removing the blue tape just after I finished, thereby creating an hour's work removing it and some gel coat after it hardened. Luckily I did this before the final coat.

For the final coat, I did mask the area, but removed the tape just after I finished. This is the appropriate thing to do with fiberglass!

Here is the finished product. To match the color, I went back to the store and got a yellow additive to make the white closer to the ivory. I got pretty lucky in that I almost matched the color perfectly. Since the floor texture is different, the color variation is not a problem.

Mountain View Project