AwesomeView: Ocean Front Vacation Rental on Santa Cruz Beach


Sample Quotes from our Guest Book

Hello again, The Nelsons are here.

It’s our 10th time & we’ll be back next year.

Last year passed by, way too fast.

We’re back to have another blast.


The temperature here is very cool

To stay in Fresno I’d be a fool.

The high at home is 108,

If we stay there it’s something to hate.


The Marine Life here we watch all day.

Dolphins, otters & seals come to play.

This year we saw 3 whales arrive

Off Pleasure Point. We hope they survive!


The restaurants around town are top notch for fish.

Phils in Moss Landing has my favorite dish.

Stagneros on the Wharf is always great,

But for a great table, don’t go too late.

Their chowder is the best in town.

It’s hard to beat it for miles around.


We love “The View” for summer fun.

Our Big 3 weeks have just begun!

The 4th of July is always a treat.

Fireworks around the cove can’t be beat.

The Boardwalk, Harbor & Pier are the best.

Even sailboats & blasts from the Houses make up the rest.


We always have a lot of fun

In Santa Cruz beach surf and sun!


Thanks again for a wonderful stay!

Can’t wait to return to this great bay!

--The Nelsons 6/14


Another “wonderful” holiday here at AwesomeView with all our family. Lots of movie theater shows, times at the beach and playing with the Christmas toys and gadgets. It’s so much fun cooking in this kitchen! – Tavernas Family, 12/13


Well—this was our 10th year in a row here at AwesomeView, and another glorious vacation was had by all. The sea life and sunshine were plentiful as were the cocktails each evening! We hope to be back again next summer! Can’t wait!! – Kassel Family 8/13


Walking through the door after being away from AwesomeView for 4 years—it still feels like home! Despite the mostly foggy weather, we had a fabulous family vacation. Lots and lots of games were played, and when we weren’t doing that, we sat looking at Nature TV—had a great dolphin show on Tuesday, and counted 31 surfers another day! Kite flying, boardwalking, beach walking, a little boogie boarding and swimming—but mostly a lot of family bonding.  Thank you for providing a comfortable place for us to just BE. We hope to not stay away so long this time!!  -- Goodwins 6/13


We had a fantastic time here for four days. The personal touch with emails, phone calls, etc. made this stay exceptional. The summary: I would come back anytime. Thank you!!! – Julians 3/13



… The spectacular view and marvelous lodging were more than we could hope for. Kitchen equipment superb! Such a wonderful place to relax and visit!  -- The Harder Family 9/08
…The endless view of surfers, dogs, skim  boarders, boogie boarders, body surfers and a spectacular dolphin show! The dolphins gave us 30 – 40 minutes of delights with leaps, runs and jumps, right in front of the windows! We hope to return again and again. –The Brandt’s 08/08
…It was really nice to have beach access. We also loved how clean and new this place is and seems. We have just the right amount of room. It was perfect!  -- Millers & Kiermans  08/08
The sound of the waves crashing on the shore, the breathtaking sunsets, countless surfers, skim-boarders & boogey-boarders, boats, dogs, kids, fireworks, stars—all from your dining room.  Wow is an understatement…We swam and played on your beautiful beach. Thank you for sharing your home with us. Our vacation was incredibly restful and memorable—the kind that makes for lasting family memories.  – Mavrogeorge’s, Cozzi’s & Steeles  07/08
This is our third year, and just when we thought a week here couldn’t get any better, you did a major upgrade in the kitchen—woweee! We look forward to your place each and every year…Thanks for allowing us this almost sinful pleasure each year…blessings to you both! – Wilbur’s  07/08
Here we are again for our 5th stay at your fabulous AwesomeView…This year we brought my mother for her first visit. She has been thoroughly entertained by the “show” from your wonderful windows. She's been surprised with the view she is planning on returning with us next year! – Nelson’s 06/08
This place has been a lovely balm for our souls. There are many places and activities we could suggest. But the one which was top of the line was here. Sit in front of the windows, watch a picture of eternity as the waves come and go. Do not miss the quiet & peace. It was best without any other background such as TV, computer, music or phone.  Thank you for arranging such a comfortable, elegant setting in which we can be reminded of what is most important.  --- O’Hair’s 07.07

"Thoroughly enjoyed our stay at ... We shall be sorry to leave as it has felt just like being at home."

The Crocher's (England) 12/2006

"Your house is the closest step to heaven there is. Our friends all agreed this weekend was the best! We can't understand why you need TVs in this house with that "Awesome" beach view. We can hardly wait to schedule another visit."
The Nelson's 11/2006

"WOW! Everything is first rate...We had a wonderful time relaxing in the hot tub, walks along the beach, home cooked meals while looking out over the ocean--truly a little bit of paradise...our most lasting memeory will be sitting in the main room admiring the awesome view--the sights, sounds and smell of this great body of water are reason enough to return again next year--with much gratitude!"
The Agnell's 10/2006

"Our first visit to AwesomeView--definitely not our last!...The adults found much pleasure in just sitting in the lounge chairs along the windows and watching the never ending display: surfers, boats, dolphins, otters eating crabs, dogs chasing balls/sticks...Such a well equipped kitchen--three turkey platters even!"
The Backus' 7/2006

"This was our 3rd year in a row vacationing at their beautiful beach house. Every year seems to be more incredible and one can never tire from gazing out the windows at all the beach activity. We always say its like being at the IMAX."
The Kassel's 7/2006

"Awesome View" is truly awesome. Big surf, dolphins, birds, surfers, whales and sea otters....  magnificent morningslll  drop dead gorgeous sunsets...  sound of the crashing waves.... and then that mocking bird next door and the sound of spring.....  INCREDIBLE.

No one in our group believed it could get any better. As the week went by, the family would drop more hints........
"Same time next year dad?"
The Dearborn's 2/2005

"Thanks!  We had an awesome time.  We have handed your website out a hundred times. We hope to be able to use it again!"
The Harmdierks 2/2005

"...watched sunset from house every day -- gorgeous! (and we're from coastal San Diego!!)"
The Goldsmiths 12/2004

"Although you are 8 hours behind us in Dublin, this place is a million years ahead when it comes to sand, surfers & sunset (not to mention dolphins, hawks & seals!)."
Ger Butler 10/2004 (Dublin, Ireland)

"Thanks for sharing your wonderful home with us. The kids enjoyed walking down the stairs and finding shells. We all loved the view -- the surfers, windsurfers, sailboats and sea otters. It was great to appreciate the ocean's power and beauty through this "Awesome View". I wish more people could experience this -- we had friends visit us and they want to stay here too!"
The Conte Family 4/2004

"The longer we stayed, the better we loved it! Capitola is a gem. The boys loved the Santa Cruz Surf Shop lessons at Pleasure Point.The house is so comfortable. Thanks for a memorable time."
The Federowicz Family 4/2004 (returning March 2005)

"We had a lovely time here this week. The house was absolutely perfect, the weather was beautiful, the surfers were out in droves... All together, a perfectly wonderful week. We will definitely be coming back!"
The Stanford Family 12/2003 (returning June 2005)

"The home is perfect for a family vacation. We shared a lot of quality time together. The dolphins and other animals were a magical treat. The location and view are fantastic."
The Oneil Family 10/2003

"This was the most relaxing vacation we've ever had! The weather was perfect all week--enjoyed the dolphins & seals. We hope to return again next year!"
The Aure Family 8/2003

"'Quilting Engineering' returns for our autumn 2002 retreat! Great offshore storm created some amazing surf. We quilted, quilted, quilted."
10/2002 (return twice a year, every year for over 7 years)

"The house was perfect for our group. It was our first time in California and the weather was fantastic. The house is the best equipped we've ever rented!"
Summer Sisters - 2002

“Thanks for sharing a little piece of paradise. What a beautiful place!”

The Daniels Family 7/1999

“What a great family vacation! A relaxing break from a hectic life… the hypnotic sound of the surf, the beautiful views of the ocean changing all the time…what a special place we’ll never forget!”
The Dynek Family 6/1999

“’The View’ so aptly named. A magnificent retreat and renewal location.”
The Bradley Group 5/1999