Front yard
Beach View Towards Santa CruzBeach View Towards Santa Cruz  (August 2003)

Monterey on Fall afternoonBeach towards Monterey from balcony (November 2003)

Surfer at DuskSurfer heading in at dusk - November 2003

Sunset January Sunset - January 1999
Sunset - March 2003Sunset - March 2003
Sunset - July 2003Sunset - July 2003
Sunset - December 2003  Sunset - Dec 2003
Full moon rising - July 12, 2003Full Moon Rising - July 12, 2003

We have had many people stay at The View after they had visited the web site. The overwhelming feedback is that these pictures do not fully capture the feeling that one gets when viewing the ocean from our home. My guess is that the lack of sound and smell as well as full panorama provide much greater intensity than can be captured in a picture. But if any of our guests (or you when you stay here) have pictures that better capture this feeling, I'd love to put them up on this site and give you credit.

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